SEO 101: What Is On Page SEO?

SEO 101: What Is On Page SEO?

Standing out in a crowd with is not an easy task, particularly if you don’t know on page seo. Search engines, such as Google, are possibly the most congested places in cyberspace. It gets harder each day to stand out from the endless content on the web. If you have a website, a business, or possibly study digital marketing––you’ve heard of “SEO”. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is a complex topic. Through the implementation of SEO, one can dress their website in bright colours, and make it visible to the crowd. If SEO is a new concept for you, don’t worry––only one, of two, SEO metrics; known as “on-page SEO” is discussed here.

The second type of SEO: “off-page SEO”; has been discussed in an earlier post. Off-page SEO is much more difficult to control than on-page SEO, and is a great way to start learning the basics. This explanation of On-page SEO is short, and will help you to be confident and knowledgable about basic SEO concepts; preparing you for more advanced topics in the future.

What Are On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is a method of Search Engine Optimisation, and uses the contents of a webpage to increase its visibility inside search results during a relevant search. The search engine uses a complex algorithm––a computer program––to locate relevant webpage results, based on the keywords of a search. The results are compared with on-page and off-page SEO data, while the algorithm attempts to find the best information; eliminating the least relevant information. The entire process is complete within seconds of the request.

Examples of On-Page SEO:

  • Web Address / URL
  • HTML tag contents, such as: <title> and header tags (<h1>, <h2>)
  • Relevant keywords that appear in the contents of the site body
  • The order in which keywords appear
  • Links to other webpages on the site, and their content relevance

While this list provides a few examples, it does not contain all, possible on-page SEO metrics. Off-page SEO––consists of background data––and is focused on what can’t be compared within a website.

on page seo

Why It Matters?

Algorithms within search engines are very complex. As a result, many professions are devoted to their use, primarily concerning advertising and networking capability. On-page SEO influences commerce by linking customers with the products and services they need, when they’re needed, and provides reliable information at the touch of a button.

The start of most internet sessions are ordinarily on with a search engine. Industries of all types of goods and services, academia, and charity––are evolving daily to bring appropriate content to the eyes of the right people. As SEO evolves to identify knowledge at a growing and rapid pace; commerce, communication, and culture are continuously influenced by the ability to obtain relevant information immediately. These advancements ensure social and economic growth for the entire world; being sure to put your website in front of the right person.


You now possess a fundamental understanding of on-page SEO; you can now begin to think about what it means to be visible on the internet, and what it takes to make online content visible to those that you intend.

We covered the basics of on-page SEO and how it is different from off-page SEO; preparing for deeper learning of the subject and how it can be useful for your business, career, social network, and the world. Becoming skilled in the use of SEO may lead to career and business opportunities that were not possible before the adoption of the internet. As this technology evolves, online content will continue to change and be present for the right viewer. Continue learning about on-page SEO, and practice using it to increase the visibility of your online content, and discover new opportunities.

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