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Search Engine Optimization Made Easy With This Free SEO Audit From The SEO Tech

Need a free SEO audit to determine your website’s most significant issues in less than a minute? The SEO Tech has got you covered. Just enter your URL below and watch the magic happen.

Supercharged Analysis & Monitoring Tools

Check out everything you have to gain from our professional SEO auditing software:

Instantly Analyze Your SEO Issues

There’s no limit to the number of reports you can run. All results are kept so that you can look back regularly to see how your efforts are progressing through historical data.

Professional SEO Monitoring

Our tool monitors more than two dozen essential SEO ranking factors automatically. Stay on top of your website’s rankings with instant notifications whenever your factors change.

SEO Reports You Can Understand and Act Upon

Every error that our free SEO audit detects will be explained to you in clear language. And, you’ll be provided immediate instructions on how to remedy the issue.

14-Day Free Trial, Cancel Anytime

Register today and try our program free for two weeks. Cancel whenever you want with no hassle and no questions asked.

Straightforward Score

In addition to the detailed report, our automated SEO audit provides you with a simple score out of 100. Providing a quick snapshot of where you are and gives you a benchmark to compare your site against after you’ve taken action to boost your SEO factors.

User Friendly Dashboard

You’ll have instant access to all the essential SEO analysis tools and data from your easy-to-read dashboard. Track page speed, SEO score, uptime, and more in one convenient place.

Backlink Monitoring Made Easy

Backlinks are at the heart of every SEO campaign. With our backlink monitor, you can easily see all of your site’s links, in order of significance, and exportable for your convenience.

Strategic Competitor Analysis

SEO is all about knowing what your competition is doing and beating them at it. Easier said than done—unless you’re using our competitor analysis tool. You’ll have instant access to the competitions’ most vulnerable SEO holes for you to capitalize on.

Customizable Automated Reports

Customize your automated SEO monitoring to check the factors that are most important to you at the time intervals you specify. Never lose track of the ranking factors that matter.

Why Choose an Automatic SEO Audit?

You may be skeptical of letting a piece of software make judgements about your SEO. And that’s totally reasonable. After all, if SEO was as simple as that, why would businesses invest thousands every month by hiring a professional SEO agency?

The answer is simple: some aspects of SEO requires a human touch. Others are best left to the machines. Our free SEO audit tool focuses on instantly analyzing the thousands of bits of data that can easily be automated. The result is a report that is just as accurate as a manual report that would take human hours upon hours to complete.

Try Your FREE SEO Audit Today!

Don’t spend hours poring over your website and scratching your head only to be left with a few guesses as to what’s going wrong. Try our free SEO audit tool today and get a detailed report and action plan of the steps you need to take to beat out the competition.