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We Offer Full Suite of Microsoft Office 365 Tools

Believe it or not, customers will judge you based on your email address. Do you want to hire [email protected] or [email protected]? Neither do we. But email hosting for business is also about so much more than just looking professional.
Let The SEO Tech show you how our professional email hosting through Microsoft Office 365 will help you communicate better with your team and your customers.

Email Hosting For Businesses Small and Large

When you choose us to host your business email with Office 365, here’s just a taste of what you get.
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Email Address

Give everyone on your staff a branded email address like [email protected] Likewise, you can create dedicated email addresses for customers to contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or whatever else your imagination can dream up.
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Amazing Uptime
and Support

Microsoft Office 365 guarantees 99.9% email uptime. And they provide online and phone support for users 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
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Big Attachments,
Lots of Storage

You’ll be able to send attachments as big as 150MB, which is about three times the amount allowed by most comparable email hosting. And, every single user receives 50GB of storage, so you’ll be able to keep emails on record for years.
Ready to experience the next generation?

Office 365 Tools At Your Fingertips

Beyond simple email, though, you’ll also have access to a full suite of Office 365 tools that every business needs.
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Office Tools

Access, edit, and share files for the most popular Office software straight from your internet browser. Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. No more sending version after version back and forth via email every time a change is made.
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Every single user in your company can keep their Outlook calendar. But you can also share calendars, make team calendars, and set your company-wide permissions and settings.
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Outlook Customer

Outlook Customer Manager is a CRM tool that will streamline every customer-based process you have. It lets you automatically organise information such as notes, deadlines, meetings, and messages so you never lose track of what’s most important.

Collaborate and

Business email hosting with Office 365 makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your team—and your customers.

Superior Protection, Privacy, and Peace of Mind

Business email hosting with Office 365 makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your team—and your customers.

The SEO Tech Makes Email Hosting for Business Easy

way to send and receive messages. It’s about streamlining how you communicate with your team and your customers.

It’s about providing a more secure environment for all. It’s about keeping everyone in touch and on the same page.

When you choose The SEO Tech to integrate your business email hosting, we are here to help you every step of the way. From setting up your security options to migrating from an old email host to providing ongoing support.

So reach out today and learn how we can help.